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Complex Zoning Laws and Disputes Can be Addressed with a Skilled Ohio Real Estate Attorney

Zoning laws aid in community planning and land development and governments will defend them vigorously even if changing times dictate that updates are necessary. Although these laws help to lessen disputes and provide for distinct districts that are dedicated to residential, commercial and industrial use, as areas grow and change, these regulations need updating to encourage economic and social benefits to individuals and businesses.

It is important that comprehensive land use plans are diligently researched and zoning laws understood before you take any action that can affect you or your business’ livelihood. Violations can involve fines, lengthy delays on building projects, and costly litigation. It is therefore advisable to contact a skilled Ohio real estate attorney that can explore your goals, needs, and inform you about the effect of zoning laws on your business or personal venture.

Some zoning problems can be resolved with requests for variances. A city’s board of zoning appeals will determine if your request is reasonable and, if so, tends to allow the minimum variance to accomplish your goal. Use variances allow for a change in use of real estate that is typically not allowed in a district. An area variance permits changes in setbacks, lot sizes, building sizes, and parking spaces, for example.

In Ohio, there are a wide range of zoning regulations that pertain to residential, commercial properties, industrial zones, and even agricultural and oil and gas properties. These laws can be complex and involve multiple authorities, questions of eminent domain, and mixed use development. A highly skilled real estate law firm is needed to represent your interests and resolve matters in a timely manner. A savvy real estate lawyer will expedite hearings, permits, negotiations, and even sophisticated financial matters to efficiently accomplish your objectives.

Onda, LaBuhn, Rankin & Boggs, Co. LPA has been serving clients throughout Ohio since 1991. OLRB’s partners have more than 85 years of combined experience and developed a unique and diverse practice to meet the various needs of our business and individual clients. OLRB practice areas include but are not limited to: Corporate, Finance and Business Services; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate; Construction; Trusts, Estates, and Wealth Transfers; Taxation; Labor & Employment and Government Relations & Administrative Law.

OLRB would be pleased to discuss your legal representation needs. Contact Onda, LaBuhn, Rankin & Boggs Co., LPA at 614-716-0500.



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