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OLRB Human Resources Law Series: Job Descriptions

Many business owners and HR professionals overlook the benefits that can be derived from a properly-written job description.  Though its most-basic function is to act as a hiring tool to attract potential candidates, a proper job description also sets reasonable employee expectations for the position, defines what governs employee success in the position, and serves as a basis for future performance evaluations.

To draft a proper job description, you should start by examining the position’s role within the organization.  The job description should include all essential job functions, while containing no functions that are not relevant to the position.  Perhaps most notably, business owners and HR professionals must understand that a job description is a living document.  Descriptions should be reviewed and updated annually to ensure that they properly reflect changes in the employee’s role within the organization.

OLRB’s labor and employment attorneys can help your business be proactive in structuring and drafting your human resource materials to lessen the risk of employment litigation.  Please contact Gregory A. Goetz via telephone at (614) 716-0500, or via e-mail at [email protected] to discuss how OLRB can assist your business.

Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2014 at 8:41 pm and filed under News and Press.

Gun Trusts

What is a gun trust?  The answer can be simple but that is true with most things.  At its core, a gun trust is primarily a mechanism to own your regulated guns and firearms that are designed to provide legal use by others you identify and means to transfer ownership.  Like anything else, gun trusts are not for everyone and you need to understand what you want to accomplish.  The fact exists though is that the federal and state governments have enacted many complicated laws over the years that affect your gun rights.  The answer is not to just ignore the laws under the guise of your belief in the constitutional right to own and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment.  To date, nearly most aspects of the gun laws and regulations have been upheld by the Courts.  Importantly, governmental regulators seem particularly interested in enforcing gun laws, and the consequences can be severe – including criminal prosecution for unwitting violations that most gun owners would never expect.  Attorneys at OLRB have experience and knowledge in gun trusts and will walk you through the process.  OLRB believes that the best protection is careful planning and attention to the details.  Please contact Tim Rankin via phone (614-716-0500) or email ([email protected]) to discuss how a gun trust will assist you.

Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 6:29 pm and filed under News and Press.

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